Guys, look! A little jiggle! You can see her skin bunch up when she moves! She looks real and healthy! And you know what else? She looks damn fab.

Yessss! She’s gorgeous!

Can this be a new thing? Please?

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Not only do guys need to see this but also girls… You don’t need to be stick thin to be “beautiful” 


Anonymous asked:

I dont get why people still don't believe louis and harry are dating. They seriously believe that the best friendship in the world because everything they did was clearly because they were so close, that it ended just like that and now they can't even interact but when they do it's like they never stopped being friends. If they were just best friends why can they never be spotted together? It's right in front of their eyes. I can't properly explain what I want to say! Haha

stylesforstiles answered:

"Living is Easy with Eyes Closed"
John Lennon



Are you going to the 1D concert movie in theatres on Oct. 11th and 12th? Do you want to represent Rainbow Direction (again, in case you’re already been to a concert)?

If so, here’s how

Here is where you can find an instruction video

We’re trying to cover as many countries showing…